Friday, January 25, 2019

Thanks, Mr. Publisher - but No Thanks

So... the acquisitions editor of a traditional publishing house I will not mention has been contacting me over the last several weeks, encouraging me to submit a book proposal. 

I was sort of flattered - UNTIL I learned that they use a PREVIOUS traditional publisher I worked with to market their books. 

You know... the publisher that "forgot" to ship the books for the launch party of my third book for them...? The launch party attended by nearly 50 people including state and local politicians, local historians, and lots of really nice readers - some of whom were related to people in the book...? The launch party where I had to announce that there were going to be NO BOOKS - even though it was a book launch and signing...? 

Do I even have to tell you that I sent a polite "Thanks but no thanks" to this editor?

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